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An Interactive, Musical, Fun-Learning Experience!

Go Seek Incursions take children on a musical journey of discovery, captivating them from start to finish in a creative and fun way!

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Musical, Interactive, Entertaining & Educational Incursions

Each Go Seek Show Incursion is designed to empower, challenge and build the self-esteem of children. 

Whether you’re after a curriculum aligned incursion or just fun ways to engage and educate your students, our Go Seek Show Incursions are both EDUCATIONAL and ENTERTAINING with a focus on children’s social, cognitive and physical development.

Go Seek Incursions align with the Australian Curriculum and NQF/EYLF, helping teachers to meet their educational goals and achieve the National Quality Standard guidelines by addressing the key quality areas. Teachers can easily and quickly introduce, reintroduce, reinforce and extend on concepts to maximise positive student learning outcomes.

The duration of each Incursion varies depending on the theme, age range and event type and includes a variety of engaging, age-appropriate topics such as health, movement, nutrition, self worth, friendship, sustainability, imagination, animals, safety, outings, exploring and more. 

With a genuine interest in health, music, education and fun, Go Seek Incursions cater for a variety of different learning styles, creating a positive environment for children to thrive in.  

Through a combination of music, dance, drama, clever props, exciting story lines, high-energy routines, bright funky costumes, frequent opportunities for audience interaction and plenty of fun, Go Seek Show Incursions inspire children to go exploring, search for answers, get active, make discoveries, be musically creative, use their imagination, believe in themselves and most of all Go Seek out their dreams.

Protectors of the Planet

When the Star Galaxy News discovers that Planet Earth has become too polluted, they send Go Seek on a mission to check it out. But when Flynn’s spaceship gets trapped in all the rubbish it becomes a race against time to report back their findings. Go Seek and the children set off on an exciting musical adventure to learn all about sustainability and become Official Protectors of the Planet! Along the way they discover fun ways to clean up and protect the Earth, free Spinner and ultimately save the planet!

Super Strong Bones

With super strength, a super shiny cape and some super-duper x-ray vision goggles, Super Strong Bones shows children how to build super strong bones and earn their Super Strong Bones cape, empowering them to eat well, get their bodies moving, protect their bones and have plenty of fun doing it!

Musical Adventure Show

A fantastic explosion of colour, movement and funky music, this exciting, playful show is designed to guide and assist kids in today’s world to discover themselves, others and the world around them and have plenty of FUN doing it!

The Go Seek Musical Adventure Show includes a general mix of age-appropriate themes such as animals, imagination, exploring, discovery, believing in yourself, healthy bodies, outings, friendship, colours, parties, play, numbers, growing up, movement and more.

Pirate and Fairy Show

Join Pirate Gruff and Firefly the Fairy on an exciting musical journey of discovery and adventure! Kids get to use their imagination, learn a pirate jig, make-believe and have lots of fun singing and dancing along to Go Seek’s original funky music.

Xmas Adventure Show

The Go Seek Jingle Jangle Journey Xmas Show is an interactive festive show creating an exciting holiday atmosphere for everyone! With a touch of fantasy, a dash of make believe, lots of laughter and Xmas cheer, Go Seek delight and enchant children as they move and groove to their latest award winning songs including original Xmas music! Suitable for the whole family, the Go Seek Jingle Jangle Journey Xmas Adventure Show opens with a burst of colour, energy and funky music and adds excitement and fun fun fun to any event!

Each Go Seek Show Incursion arrives with:

  • Professionally trained performer(s) with blue cards/wwcc
  • Interactive musical show
  • Colourful backdrop
  • Set & sound equipment
  • Funky costumes & props
  • Original, award winning music
  • High energy routines
  • $30 million public liability insurance

Our requirements:

  • 4m x 4m Performance area/stage
  • 2 x tables
  • Access to power points

Go Seek also provide additional services suitable for incursions including Craft and Activity Workshops, Face Painting, Balloon Twisting and Disco Parties. Contact us to discuss your requirements and for more information!