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'Kids Bingo' by Go Seek!

Suitable for community events, school holiday activities, fun days, festivals, taverns, family events, vacation care, breweries, pubs, hotels, clubs and more.
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‘Kids Bingo’
by Go Seek!

Welcome to the captivating world of ‘Kids Bingo’!

‘Kids Bingo’ by Go Seek is an exciting activity that both children and their families can enjoy together. Our dynamic team at Go Seek has crafted an extraordinary bingo-style experience specifically tailored for children, guaranteed to keep them engaged and entertained from start to finish with multiple bingo-style games, special bonus rounds, team activities, musical tasks, cool prizes, and lots of fun interaction.

With a colourful setting, engaging host/s, educational benefits, fun interaction and sheer entertainment value, ‘Kids Bingo’ by Go Seek promises hours of excitement and a truly unforgettable fun time!

Ideal for any occasion or function from large to small, ‘Kids Bingo’ by Go Seek  is the perfect choice for family fun days, community events, birthday parties, school holiday activities, weekly family nights at the local tavern, school fundraisers and more.

So get ready for laughter, excitement and endless fun!

Go Seek supply everything needed to make ‘Kids Bingo’ an amazing experience:

  • Engaging ‘Kids Bingo’ Host/s
  • ‘Kids Bingo’ Cards/Booklets
  • ‘Kids Bingo’ Balls, Cage/Tumbler and Check Tray
  • Sound System/Microphone
  • Multiple rounds of Bingo
  • Backdrop/Banner
  • Positive and Enjoyable Atmosphere
  • Photo Opportunities
  • Markers
  • Prizes

At Go Seek, we know that the key to a successful family event is creating a welcoming, fun, relaxed, and enjoyable atmosphere where families can bond and have fun together. We also understand that children have unique needs and boundless energy. Our experienced ‘Kids Bingo’ callers will guide the little adventurers through the game, creating a supportive and engaging environment as they eagerly mark off their Bingo squares, stimulating their cognitive development and having a blast. The winner from each round will be able to choose a super cool prize to take home.

‘Kids Bingo’ fosters a sense of community and allowing for shared experiences among families.

Our vibrant host/s will ensure a positive, friendly, and lively atmosphere encouraging parents and children to participate and engage with their own families, and also cheer for the winners and interact with each other during the event.

Get ready to embark on a ‘Kids Bingo’ adventure like no other, exclusively brought to you by Go Seek Productions.

Let the fun begin!!



We have packages ranging from small to large, starting from $390.

Additional Information:

To make your event a super success, we kindly suggest the following from our clients:

  • Suitable Venue (Indoors/Undercover, Well-lit, Ample Space)
  • Tables and Chairs (Enough for the number of participants)
  • Snacks and Refreshments: Provide kid-friendly snacks/food and refreshments to keep the children satisfied, energised, and enhance their overall experience.*


Prizes can be tailored for all ages (children and/or adults) and to suit your budget. (Please discuss)

* Go Seek can arrange “kids only” or “family” bingo. (Please discuss)

* If you are having a theme, please let us know and we will do our best to tie in with your theme.

Go Seek Kids Bingo is primarily suitable for children aged 5 to 14 years old. However, all children are welcome to play as long as younger ones are accompanied by a parent, carer or legal guardian.