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Dear Go and Seek

My name is Ariella. I am 3.5yrs old and I live with my Mum, Dad and baby brother Saul, in North Bondi.

My favourite things that I like to include:- eating ice-cream and chocolates; swimming and going to watch Go and Seek concerts.

I am a HUGE fan of yours and luv your music. I can’t wait to see you in action again.

Lots of Love
Ariella Levy

My name is Joel Avinu and I am a huge Go Seek fan. I live in Melbourne and my favourite song is Aaaaachooo! (The sneeze song). I love to sneeze along to the song!
My date of birth is 18/05/02.
Love Joel

Hi Go Seek,

I am a fan of yours from Singapore. I saw your performance in Sydney, Darling Harbour. I have your CD and I enjoy it so much. Keep me posted of your events.

Michael Tye,
4 years old from Singapore


Hi Keren and Simone
I loved the concert and had a fabulous time dancing to your songs. You’re the best…. I know all the words and do karaoke with you at home.
Lots of love

Talia Waldman xxx


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