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Super Strong Bones Live Stream Show



With his SUPER STRENGTH, a SUPER SHINY cape and some SUPER DUPER X-Ray vision goggles, SUPER STRONG BONES and his funky dance friend, show children how to build SUPER STRONG BONES and earn their SUPER STRONG BONES cape, empowering them to eat well, get their bodies moving, protect their bones and have plenty of fun doing it!

Every Tuesday*, Go Seek will broadcast an online live stream on Facebook live for up to 10 day care centres, schools or other viewers.

Use the calendar to select a Tuesday. Once booked in, we will send you a link to a private Facebook group for you to join, and tune in at 10am on your chosen date to watch the show!

If you would prefer, we can also arrange an exclusive online show via Skype or Zoom direct to your day care. If you are interested in this service, please email us direct at [email protected].

*Apart from public holidays and in extenuating circumstances.