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Frequently Asked Questions

HOW LONG IN ADVANCE SHOULD I BOOK?  Most people book 6-8 weeks in advance. It’s not mandatory that you book 6-8 weeks in advance, however, as the date of your party approaches time slots become filled and entertainers become booked. We suggest booking at least 6-8 weeks in advance.

DO YOU TAKE LAST MINUTE BOOKINGS? We can sure try to help.  Please call/email or message us immediately to see if we can accommodate your request.

HOW MUCH DO YOU CHARGE?  Our prices are based on different factors including event type, location and quantity of children. If you would like a package tailored to your unique needs please contact us with details of your party/event for a free quote.

WHAT CHARACTERS/THEMES DO YOU PROVIDE?  Along with our original Go Seek characters, we offer a variety of other themes/characters, including popular princesses, superheroes, fairies pirates, Xmas and storybook characters.  If you do not see a character on our website, it does not mean we do not carry it. Please contact us to check if we have what you require.

IS THERE A DEPOSIT REQUIRED TO BOOK? Yes, in order to reserve your date and time we require a non-refundable 50% deposit at the time of booking. Required deposits vary depending mostly on the location of your party and the notice given.  We accept direct bank transfer payments.  Currently we do not accept credit card payments, personal cheques or money orders.

HOW FAR DO YOU TRAVEL?  Travel within a 25km radius of Brisbane/Sunshine Coast/Gold Coast/Sydney CBDs  is included in our packages. A small travel fee applies for event locations outside this radius. Please call us to see if we service your city/town.

WHAT VENUES WILL YOU ENTERTAIN AT?  We are willing and able to entertain at all venues. For Show packages we require that we have easy access to power.

OUTDOOR PARTY POLICY?  Outdoor venues are always welcome!  However, if you are planning an outdoor event, please ensure there is easy access to power for live shows. Also, please have a backup plan in the event of bad weather. Since the costumes, props and equipment used by the performers are extremely delicate. It is preferred to have a covered or shaded area for the entertainment/activities.  As outdoor venues are much more difficult for our performers due to environmental elements (e.g. wind, sun, cold, noise etc), please let us know upon booking if your venue is outdoors. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation!

AM I RESPONSIBLE FOR PARKING?  We request that you please save a spot for your performer(s) to park in the driveway or in front of the event location.  We appreciate having a safe and easy access into the event site with all materials.  Our performers also greatly appreciate having event hosts help carry supplies into and out of parties, as some of our costumes/props/equipment are hard to maneuver in.  The client is responsible for any costs associated with parking. ie meter, garage fee or paid parking lot. Client is responsible to reimburse our entertainer for the cost of parking upon arrival.

WHAT HAPPENS IF A GUEST BECOMES ILL, UPSET OR MISBEHAVES?  The party entertainer is only responsible to entertain the children at your event. Any behavior or health issues with children must be taken care of by an event host. Good behavior is always promoted, it is the responsibility of the parent/host/hostess to monitor and take charge of any children who are not behaving.  If a child/adult at your event exhibits inappropriate, abusive or rude behavior, our entertainer can leave with or without notice.  It is the responsibility of the client to be in control of the guests at the event while our entertainer is present.

DOES IT MATTER HOW MANY GUESTS I INVITE?  We cater to all events no matter the size.  Extra fees may be incurred with events including more than 25 children.

WHAT IF MY GUESTS ARRIVE LATE?  All event visits MUST begin at the scheduled time agreed to by the client at the time of the booking and will end upon the agreed duration time.  All events are based on a schedule and work best when all guests arrive on time.  Late guests are welcome to join in upon arrival.  Our entertainer/s will arrive at the event approximately 15 -30 mins prior to the agreed upon start time so that they can set up and will be ready to begin at the agreed start time.  Our entertainers are not required to wait till your guests arrive in order to begin the visit.  It is the clients’ responsibility to make sure to schedule the correct time of the visit and that their guests are on time.

WHAT DOES THE CHARACTER BRING TO THE EVENTS?  Our event packages do vary. Please contact us for more information.

WHAT DO I NEED TO PROVIDE FOR THE EVENT?  That is totally up to you.  Some clients like to provide more than other clients.  We bring everything that our entertainer will need for the visit.


  1. Please try to reserve a close parking spot for the performer, so she/he will not have to fight to find parking, walk far or be delayed in any way.
  2. Have water available for the entertainer/s to drink throughout the visit.
  3. Have a room or area for our entertainer to change in if needed.
  4. For Show Packages please have power outlets available for us to use for our sound equipment.  If there is not one available close to where you are having us do the visit, please supply an extension cord and power board for us.  That way we can set up our sound equipment and music quickly, easily and nearby.  We bring our own sound equipment and microphones for all stage shows. For other entertainment services (eg face painting, fun and games parties) please feel free to provide your own music player/music for us to play throughout the party.
  5. If you are planning an outside event, make sure the area is guarded from heat/sun, or from any wet weather.  Be sure to make us aware of all exclusively outdoor venues ahead of time to make proper arrangements.
  6. Have a clean, dry, shaded area for the visit, free of dirt, mud, water and any other bad weather conditions that may cause damage to costumes/props or inhibit our entertainers from performing.
  7. Be available to aid your party character at all times.  Keep close watch of children and guests throughout the visit.
  8. Have your cameras ready throughout the party, you don’t want to miss any special moments of your child and guests with our event characters!

WHAT IS YOUR CANCELLATION / RESCHEDULING POLICY?  If you decide to cancel the visit after you book with us you agree to forfeit your deposit.  All deposits are non-refundable.  If you give us at least 21 days notice prior to the day of your event you may postpone the visit.  You have up to one year to reschedule your event. If notice is given less than 21 days before the event is to occur the amount payable is 100%.

DO YOUR ENTERTAINERS ACCEPT GRATUITY?  Absolutely!  The entertainers that serve you are all well trained and make it their number one priority to ensure your party is a success.  Gratuity is not included in the total of your package price, so if you want to show your entertainer that you loved their performance, gratuity is a great way of doing so. Though it is not expected, it is always appreciated and is definitely customary in this industry.  Tipping an entertainer is just like tipping a waiter or waitress; Gratuity is very much appreciated.

WHAT IF I’M NOT SATISFIED WITH MY EVENT CHARACTER?  Should any concerns arise with regards to our services or the quality of our services rendered we require that you to contact us by phone while the entertainer is present at your event.  This allows us an opportunity to make any adjustments therefore resolving any issues. Once the entertainer leaves your event it is mutually assumed and agreed that you, as the customer, were satisfied with our services.