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Super Hero Training Workshop

Become an 'Official Superhero' in our Go Seek Super Hero Training Workshop
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Become An Official Superhero

Attention all superhero trainees!

Kids will have a SUPER fun time at the Go Seek Superhero Training Academy!
Trainees receive a mission pack and must complete a training course made up of several fun stations with tasks and challenges to test and develop skills of strength, bravery, teamwork, intelligence, speed, balance, brain power, flexibility, agility, accuracy and more!

Designed to exercise kids’ bodies and minds, station activities include target practice, strength training, kryptonite disposal, speed racing, defusing bombs, avoiding traps, using spidey senses, crossing lava pits, solving puzzles, saving civilians, defeating villains and more!

Upon completion of training, each trainee will graduate as an
Official Superhero!

Ideal for birthday parties, kids clubs, vacation care, camps, primary schools and more.